HRsupport is an online platform;  created with a singular aim to make the lives of HR professionals all across the globe,  a bit easier. Human Resources is the backbone of any organization and is proving to be vital to strategizing; in order to realize the organizational goals.  In an era,  where HR professionals are no longer the ‘administrative staff’ but are  invited to the table and demanded valuable inputs to organizational performance improvement approaches; it becomes necessary for them to devote their precious time in nurturing their creativity and thus helping the top management in profit maximization; humanely. HRsupport becomes handy here. It offers online assistance in HR processes related to Recruitment, Performance Management and Policy Formation. The Unique part? Enjoy the services virtually without any need for lengthy face to face meetings, with just a click on your system.



Performance Management

Performance Management


  • Basic Candidate Scrutiny:

Ever pondered over the amount of time that you allot to the Resume Scrutiny process? Let HRsupport take care of it. Just post your job criteria and receive the list of eligible candidates within the shortest time possible. 

To go to a more advanced level scrutiny, help HRsupport understand your organizational culture and let it map the candidate personality to the same, to create the best fit . After all, recruitment is an investment and not a cost.


  • Interview Scheduling:

HRsupport helps you inform the wide number of candidates about their scheduled interview dates and time along with other crucial information; via emailing them on your behalf!

Similarly, it can act as a voice of the candidates and reach you with their queries regarding the same. With HRsupport   as a mediator , it saves you the time and efforts to communicate the repetitive and mundane steps of the process to the candidates. 

  • Reference Checks:

Unlike the famous saying, first impression is not always the last impression.  The impression that a candidate gives via the resume and the interview is not always to be completely dependable upon. Reiterating the fact of recruitment being an investment, Reference Checks are a must! You do not want to end up with the wrong candidate. At the same time, you do not want to go through the same kind of Reference Check Process for each candidate against each posted vacancy. Save yourself some time and let HRsupport handle it virtually. 

HRsupport via email can provide reliable reference checks within stipulated time frames, thus optimizing the whole recruitment process. What’s more? It can even offer you a standard/ customized questionnaire for the same. 

Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance Management



Employee Performance is directly proportional to Organizational Performance. It is a well-known fact that satisfied and motivated employees lead to satisfactory organizational achievements.  For this, effective performance management systems are essential. 

Whether it is annually, quarterly or daily performance management that your organization believes in, let HRsupport assist you in the process, thereby easing it out for you.  

Policy Formation

Performance Management

Policy Formation



The working of an organization revolves around its well framed policies. These policies give the required discipline desired by the employer along with providing job satisfaction and an amiable and a healthy work environment; desired by the employee.

HRsupport can provide consultation regarding the same, as it banks on a rich corporate HR experience behind its name.

HRsupport understands that forming even a single policy is a huge task albeit a critical one and thus it provides whatsoever assistance possible in the form of proof reading, formatting and editing the related document(s).

Why choose HRsupport ?



As its aim, let HRsupport save you the time and enlist  the 5 main benefits in its advocacy : 

  • It’s virtual

  • It’s time saving

  • It’s easy

  • It has a related and enhanced experience in its support

  • It is direct and simple .

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